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The 6 main reasons that some Instagram users have more followers than others

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Instagram has a lot of power. You can’t ignore the power of Instagram.

However, for every big-hearted business or individual, there’s thousands who aren’t. But you need to know how to make the most of Instagram. Visit this site Affordable Instagram followers.

1. Share these eye-catching images

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing website. If you’re looking to gain more Instagram followers then make sure your images are of high quality. It is important to post engaging content and well-composed photos.

2. Similar Photos

Instagram is social, and it’s crucial to be active on the platform. If you want to increase your Instagram following, start liking lots of images in the market. This will encourage people to follow you. It’s also useful to leave comments. But make sure that the comments are real and not spammy. Do not forget to also follow the accounts you find interesting!

3. Your Pictures Should Be Taken at Just the Right Moment

Researchers have found that posting to Instagram at 5pm Wednesdays is the most effective time. The time may be wrong for your page. Wednesday is a day that may or not work for you depending on the niche of your page, the demographics among your followers, as well as other factors specific to the niche and the content.

4. Use Hashtags

Use of the hashtags is a great way to get more Instagram followers. If you have images with certain hashtags on them, they will find it. Hashtags are a great way to help reach people, even if they have no connection with you or your account. By adding hashtags to your content, you will be able to increase its reach.

5. Host A Contest

Offer a prize as a reward to the follower that comes up with a caption for an entertaining or interesting photo. Your contest can be run using Heyo WishPond AgoraPulse.

6. Other Social Networks

Inviting your social media followers to join Instagram is a great way to get more exposure. It is important to make it simple for users to follow you at multiple locations.