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What to do when you need to Replace Old Windows in Your Home

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This is a guide to installing a new window at your house

Replace your old wood window with an upgraded Low-E vinyl-clad Low-E window.

You should also replace the window if your glass pane is fogging up or if during winter you are feeling cold drafts coming around the wooden frame. If you find yourself holding it with some kind of prop during summer then you know it’s time. Visit our website and learn more about plantation shutters stuart fl.

A Do It Yourself home owner can do the job of replacing an old, worn-out window with some simple carpentry techniques and some tools they probably already have.

How to Choose the Correct New Window

To install a new windows, first you must determine which size to order. A rough opening measurement is the key factor to consider when purchasing a brand new window. A rough opening is specified by a window’s manufacturer. This tells how big an opening to make for a certain window. It is common for the rough opening to be 1 or 2 inches wider and taller than the actual windows.

It may be necessary to remove any interior trim that surrounds the existing window in order to get an approximate idea of its opening dimension.

You should only buy a new product that meets or exceeds your rough measurements.

The Old Window

When you purchase your new window, remove the previous one. Using the claw and a heavy hammer, remove all the nails from the outside trim of the window and the nailing flange. Around the outside of an old window, there may be a nailing plate. Remove these nails using your hammer.

Once the nails have been removed, you should be able pull the window out from its opening.
New Window Installation

It is time to replace the window. It is important to clean the window rough opening before you install the new windows.

Install the new windows in the existing openings and place them centered on the window frames.

The window won’t function correctly if it’s not plumb and level. Use a measurer and a line to verify. If you need to adjust the squareness and levelness of your new window, then some shims might be required.

Fasten the window to the window frame with nails after it has been aligned squarely and plumb. Many new windows are equipped with an exterior nailing flange, which makes it easy to nail them on.

Begin nailing your window on the upper left side, and continue down using only two nails. With the level, check again that the windows are plumb and square. Make sure to check the inner side of the windows as well.

You can install some additional nails on the backside of the frame if it is square and plumb. Then, install two nails, again one on top and the second about halfway along the window.