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When your Combi-Boiler Breaks Down, How to Stay Warm

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When your combi-boiler breaks website here, you’ll quickly be left without hot water and heating. The shock can be quite shocking as hot water and heat are things we often take for granted. When you lose them, you may have to look for other means to heat up and do basic things like bathing. If you have young children, it is even worse when you discover how cold your house has become. You can keep yourself warm in the house while waiting for the plumber.

1. Winter clothing is layered!

As obvious as it may be, layering is a good idea. Wearing two socks, two sweaters, a hat, and gloves is not unusual when going outside to play in the snow. What about doing this indoors? Although it may seem strange wearing a woolly headwear inside the home, you’ll be much more uncomfortable if your house is freezing.

You can get your children to actually put on winter clothing.

Modern conveniences like constant heat and hot water have reduced people’s need for winter clothing. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing only t-shirts or tees in the winter when they have their heaters on high.

Dress warmly for winter to feel more comfortable.

2. Reducing drafts while combining body heat is possible!

The bottom of the doors can be blocked with towels rolled into a ball to stop any cold air from coming through. Group the entire family in one space and close all doors. It will make the room warmer if you have the whole family there. Also, closing the doors will keep heat inside. Closing the curtains will keep warmth in. Gather blankets, throws and cosy up in the couch to enjoy a movie. The family will stay warm if they are huddled up together.

3. The heat is on!

What? There is no heat in your home? It’s easy – turn the oven on. Cook a large roast or other dish that needs the oven on. Bring the whole family into the kitchen while the oven is on to help add some heat. The warmth from the oven can be felt throughout the entire room. So bring a few chairs in and make yourself comfortable. Also, while you’re doing it, turn on the kettle.

Keep the heat in the kitchen by leaving the oven door open once the cooking has finished. But first, make sure all children are safely confined.

4. Layering your bedding is a good idea.

A day without heat can be very uncomfortable. The truth is, I experienced it and was very uncomfortable. You may have experienced this if you have been camping. It’s cold.

Layer blankets on top of beds, along with towels, to keep the heat down. Let the children wear a head covering in bed. And you, if necessary. You can also wear a jumper on top of your PJs. There are some rules that you should follow when adding layers to a baby’s bed. You also need to watch out for overheating.

These are just a few simple ideas to help keep the whole family warm.