Some Facilities Of Executive Condominiums

Executive condominiums are a great investment. Many facilities are available and are one reason that Executive condominiums are considered luxury. The choice of an Executive condominium brings with it a certain prestige and class. See Altura EC showflat for get more info.

Car Parks

Owners of Executive condominiums will be able to enjoy the parking facilities. There are many ways to build a car park. You can build them underground or on multiple floors. It is better to choose an underground parking garage. The reason is that you can park close to your building and will have shelter to wait until you arrive at your house. If you’re late, you don’t need to circle around like in the multi-storey car parks.

Other facilities

If you choose to stay at an Executive Condominium, there are many amenities at your disposal. Even though the majority of facilities are common, having them available whenever you want them is a wonderful thing. Swimming pools are a common feature of Executive condominiums. Most often, there is a pool with sun loungers that allows people to interact while enjoying the sun.

The majority of developers add a fitness center to their facilities for the purpose of health and wellness. It is often fully-equipped so that residents can use the gym at their convenience.

The BBQ pits, which are common in many areas of the city, can help you interact more with your neighbours. There is also a designated parking area for each resident, so that they don’t have to fight for a few spots. Residents of Executive condominiums will appreciate the convenience.

A second amazing facility that is available to residents is security. The security team works around the clock to keep residents safe from unwelcome people. It is important to note that many Executive condominiums have a monthly maintenance charge. It’s usually charged per month. If you stop to think about it, the cost is well worth your time.

Purchase option

The contract gives you as the owner the option to buy, sell, or exchange an asset. One has the choice to purchase an Executive condominium. A small percentage of unit price is charged. This right cannot be transferred. On the open markets, an option can’t be transferred. This agreement will be sent by post and within 3 weeks of receiving it, you’ll have to decide if you wish to exercise this option.

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