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Generic Position Description for Administration of Volunteer Resources

Main purpose: With the support of management and board, develops a vision for volunteerism in  the organization.  Mobilizes and manages volunteers to enhance the vision and mission of the  organization. Introduces and ensures effective volunteer management practices and standards in  the organization. 

Program Administration

  • Develops a plan for volunteer involvement in the organization   
  • Develops a budget to support the plan   
  • Develops policies and procedures   
  • Tracks results through standardized record keeping practices   
  • Maintains volunteer files on each volunteer ensuring documentation of screening  practices 

Job Design 

  • Consults with staff and volunteers in the organization   
  • Assesses organizational and volunteer needs   
  • Develops  volunteer roles and assignments to meet assessed needs   
  • Identifies knowledge, skills, abilities and motivations required to fulfill the volunteer  role 
  • Assesses potential risks for positions and addresses with appropriate level of  screening protocol and by identifying training needs 


  • Recruits volunteers for specific roles and assignments through internal and external  strategies  � 
  • Develops community partnerships and collaborations

Matching and Placement

  • Screens applicants    
  • Matches prospective volunteers with available opportunities or may create new   opportunities to meet  organizational needs    
  • Orients volunteers to the organization   
  • Arranges for volunteer orientation and training for their specific role

Supervision and Monitoring 

  • Ensures that volunteers have adequate supervision to fulfil their  assignments/roles   
  • Monitors volunteer, staff and client satisfaction   
  • Resolves volunteer and staff concerns    
  • Ensures that volunteers receive feedback in their performance   
  • Conducts program evaluations with a view to improving the volunteer program   


  • Recognizes volunteers and staff through both formal and informal means. 

Staff Relations

  • Develops a climate of readiness for volunteers    
  • Provides guidance , training and support to staff working with volunteers