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by Yasmim, posted on 2:08 PM, March 6, 2012
I generally do not let my dtcoriery indexes opened because it makes it too easy for people to just download all your pictures at once. I guess it depends on the nature of the picture and you might want to allow it for some projects.The keyword-rich filename part is generally overlooked by webmasters and that's a shame since it's the same as having keyword-rich urls for your pages.Images sitemaps sounds like a good plan, I need to find a way to automate that.But sitemaps will allow people to just rip all your images and you are worried or need to protect them you can base64 them which is good to stop many people.All images are not sensible so I might take a look into that for some projects. ty for the heads up about base64. > > On Page SEO: Image Optimization
Re: RXookpPKq
by Goran
posted on 6:46 PM, April 15, 2012
The honesty of your psoitng is there for all to see
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Re: RXookpPKq
by Aizing
posted on 8:04 PM, April 15, 2012
tie a chain around the lnhdae (most macs have a lnhdae for some reason) swing it around really hard and smash it against a wall. once this step is completed, go buy a pc. in a pc just go in system setting...
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